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The route was changed in 2010 due to a bridge closure.  We routed the course through our favourite training roads.  Locally known as the "P", this combination of roads are quiet, softer surfaced, with a scattering of hills, and are the epicentre of Speed River's road training.  Expect narrow farm roads, cedar lined in places, old barns, a small bridge over the Eramosa river.

Due to popular demand, we have kept the route in its new form this year. 

Coming back to the University, the route climbs up a large hill leading to the 12km mark (eventually you have to make up all of that beautiful long easy descent).  At the top of the hill, you have 3k left to the finish line on the track at the University. 


from Larry Mellott's Blog

Who Was Billy Taylor?

Friday, April 03, 2009

The annual Billy Taylor Memorial road race is coming up Sunday April 17 at 10am at the University of Guelph.  For more info and to register, for either the 5 or 15km event, go to   It's very much appropriate to have that group involved in the Billy Tayor run.  Victor Matthews, the inspiration and namesake for the club, was a highly respected University of Guelph professor and track coach. I had the privilege of doing a fair amount of long distance running with both Vic and Billy many years ago.  Vic passed away in 2004 and Billy in 1979.  Billy Taylor played pro hockey, briefly in the NHL, coached the Guelph CMCs to the Centennial Cup championship in 1972 and got involved with long distance running later in the 70s.  With his passing a few of us, who ran with him, organized a small memorial run in his memory in 1980.  It has grown in to a much bigger event over the years and is now a fund raiser for Ontario Heart and Stroke.

32 years ago, Larry Mellot and other friends of Billy Taylor, 50 in total, ran the first Billy Taylor Memorial.  It has gone on to be one of the best known local races.

In 2009 Reid Coolsaet used the Billy Taylor 15k to start his comeback.  Reid is one of Canada's dominant distance runners, running world class times in the 5000m and 10,000m, and the fastest marathon time run in Canada in over 20 years, 2:11   More information on Reid

The Heart and Stroke Foundation
Both Billy Taylor and Victor Matthews were endurance athletes, and yet they both died of heart disease.  We have partnered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation to help raise awareness of heart disease in the running community.  You can help raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation at this link

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