Guelph Runners
Drawn Together
to Become Faster Runners

The races will be held on Saturday morning, the trail half at 11am and the 5k at 11:30 in the North Arboretum at the University of Guelph.  From Gordon St, proceed along College Ave past the lights at East Ring Road over the hill.  At the lowest point in the road is a sign for the RJ Hilton Centre.  From this laneway, the start line will be at the top of the hill on your left.  It is best to park at one of the University lots, either P19 off College or P17 of Dundas Lane.  Parking at the race site will be limited.  Do not use the parking lots at Cutten Field.

The race is held in the North Arboretum, north of College Ave, not the main Arboretum (south of College Ave.  The turn off college is clearly marked as RJ Hilton Centre.



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