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Our Races 2015

Run For Mom 5k, a new race, May 3rd, not our race but good...

Downtown Mile, May 29th.  An evening road mile. 

The Guelph Lake 5k and 10k June 14th, are run on beautiful paved, rolling roads within the Conservation area.

The Summer's Night 5k, a flat and fast 5k, run at twilight, July 8th.  Goes through the Homewood grounds. 

 The Fergus 10k, August 9th, run on beautiful roads along the Grand River, last year produced some of the fastest results in a local race in a long time. 

The Falling Leaves September 19th is a great 5k cross country races. It will be held on the National Championship course at the University of Guelph at the same time as the New Balance Open, where Varsity teams from Canada and the US will compete.


The Guelph Thanksgiving Day Races, October 12th will have five races, a 100m and 1k race for children, a one mile, a 3k, a 5k  and a 10k. This has in the past been both a big family event and has attracted some of the world's best runners.  Two of our winners have gone on to compete in the Olympics.

The Winter Running Festival will happen on November 14th.  On the same courses as the Falling Leaves, a XC 5k and a trail half marathon

 We specialize in good well-run races, accurately measured and timed.  The courses are well marshaled and marked.  For testimonials click here.  

All of our races are friendly small local races.  You can pick up your race kit, or register for the race at the start line, (at least half an hour ahead of the start time).   Our sponsors are local businesses, our volunteers are mostly local runners, some of them Canada's best elite runners.  We try to keep things moving, so that you can pick up your race kit on race day, run the race, enjoy some race food, review the results all in the space of two to three hours and get on with your day.

We do not offer a free tshirt with each entry in order to keep costs down.  We will be offering a series t-shirt at cost . We do have a good collection of age group merchandise prizes    

The Guelph Athletics Society attempts to limit the environmental impact of our races.  See here for details


Guelph Athletics Society: Our Race Series  

We are proud to present our 2015 Race series.


Guelph Lake Conservation Run 5k and 10k   June 14th 9am

Summer's Night 5k  July 9th 8:30pm

Fergus Highland Games 10k   August 9th 9am

Thanksgiving Day Races  October 12th 10am 

Falling Leaves 5k    September 19th 8:30am

Winter Running Festival   November 14th   2 pm

Race specials, further discounts


This year we are sponsored by the Running Works in Downtown Guelph, as well as by  Domino's Pizza, Tm Horton's. 

Five races, all at the bargain price of $25 per race.  This year we will be offering a discount on the entries for the entire series.  The races range from 5k road races to trail half marathons.  Guelph Lake has a beautiful but rolling 5 and 10k.  Summer's Night 5k, will be held at twilight, near downtown, and has a spectacular, but flat route.  The Fergus 10k last year produced some of the fastest results in a local race in a long time.  The Falling Leaves is a great trail/Cross country race, 5km in length.  Our winter running festival features an off road 5k, plus a half marathon (run on trails).

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