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Tune up race.

What is a tune up race? 

In the marathon (and in most other races) runners go out too fast, and suffer later on, ending up slower than if they had gone out at the right pace from the start.  Most runners set an arbitrary goal time, a Boston Qualifier, or sub 4 hour, regardless of their capabilities. There is a better way.

How do you know what is the right pace for your upcoming marathon? 

By racing shorter distances, particularly 3 to 4 weeks before your goal race.  This allows you to put in a good effort to gauge your fitness and yet still recover to race well in your goal race. 

Depending on your training there is usually a good relationship between your ability to run a 5k or a 15k and your ability to run a marathon.  You need to have done the full marathon training program to be confident.

A general guide is below

5k time 15k time Marathon goal time 
32 min1:45 5 hours
28 min1:30 4:30 
25 min 1:21 4:00 
22 min 1:10 3:30 
20 min1:04 3:15 
19 min1:00 3:00 

If you have run a lot of miles, but have not done interval speed work, your predicted marathon time may be too slow.  If you have done speed work, or have a heavier build, your predicted time may be too fast.  
If you run shorter races regularly, you will know what kind of fitness you have and whether to expect to be faster or slower in your upcoming race. after a few race seasons, you will see the relationship between your tune up race times and your marathon times.
You will be racing your tune up race.  This is not a marathon pace run, you should be a little faster than your marathon pace.  The 15k makes a better tune up race than the 5k, but is more stress on your system. 
That you 5k time predicts a slow time for your upcoming marathon, do not despair.  It takes 5 years or more to train properly for a marathon.  If you train well, your next one will be faster.  The tune up race merely indicates your current fitness. 


Billy Taylor 15K and 5K  

The Billy Taylor Road Race is the perfect Tune-Up Race for your spring marathon.

April 29th, 2012 

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Billy Taylor 15K and 5K  

In Guelph, the hot bed of running in Ontario, The Billy Taylor Road Race is one of Ontario's oldest races.

A brilliantly and strategic  15K course and a fast 5K route.

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