Guelph Runners
Drawn Together
to Become Faster Runners



 How Races Happen

It takes about 100 people to make a race happen.  If it all goes well, nobody notices how it is done.

The planning begins right after last year's race.  We try to make sure that when you are out on the course the only thing that you have to think about is your own running.

The City of Guelph Public Works has a long standing committment to the races.  They have planned traffic control to take into account the increasing traffic on these roads.  They are up early on sunday morning, closing roads and coning off half the road for runners.  The Guelph Police service work hard as well, directing traffic, protecting all of our runners.  They meet every year to go over any problems from the year before and plan to make the route even safer each year.

Speed River Track and Field Club provide us with high quality volunteers every race.  These include some of Canada's top runners.  Last year Taylor Milne and Eric Gillis, both 2008 Olympians, were working on the course during the race.  If you have the energy, take note of the young people on the course, they are the future of Canadian elite running.

Our charity partners also provide volunteers.  They do it to encourage you to support their cause, consider contributing to their charity.

Have a good word for the volunteers as they direct you along the course, for the police officer at the corner, for the City guys picking up the cones behind the race.  They are the people that make your race possible. 

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