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Wintercross 5k 2012

November 17th, 2012 

This page is old and is about the 2011 version.  To see up to date information on this year's race go here


Guelph Mercury video of the OUA race on the same course 




The course is a hilly two-loop 5k race in the North Arboretum of the University of Guelph, held in conjunction with the Canadian National Cross-Country Championships.

This race is run all on soft surface, grass, dirt, mulch or snow.  It has possibly the best spectator support of any race in Canada, with more than a thousand people lining the barricades alongside the last hill.

The race will be run at 9:15am on November 27th.  The Women'scross 5k will start at 9:15, Wintercross 5k will start at 10am.

For course details and videos click here

There is complete map with lots of information concerning the course below.  If you click on the larger map link, it takes you to the Google Maps site.  There you can find directions by right clicking on the map, or using the links on the left hand side, you can find any of details of the course.

Why we call it Wintercross


Click here for a highlights video of last year's race.  At this link you can also find complete video coverage of each of last year's races.  Watch the Junior Men's finish, and the dominance of Kendra Schaaf in the Junior Women's race, as well as Simon Bairu vs Speed River in the Men's Senior races.

Wintercross 5k

This is a rare opportunity to both race and watch the very best runners in Canada race the same course.  Last  year we had more than 800 runners and 1000 spectators.  The loop nature of the course makes it easy to follow the drama of each race.

Although Wintercross is associated with the elite championships, it is open to all runners of all abilities.

Many of us have not run cross country since high school.  It is different than both road running and trail running.  The surface is a two-metre wide grass and dirt (or snow) surface.  The race is a double loop so there is great spectator support.  The route alternates between flat and hilly, forest and open field.  The view from the finish line is the best in the city.

Come out and give cross country running a try.  Free from traffic and kilometre splits, cross-country is perhaps the most natural form of running. 

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